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Help Eliminate COVID-19 and Purify Your Facility’s Indoor Air

Let All Points Mechanical keep your facility as clean and safe as possible by installing the Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization System (NPBI™) from Global Plasma Solutions.

Recent laboratory study results showed that at 10 minutes 84.2% of the COVID-19 was inactivated; at 15 minutes 92.6% of the COVID-19 was inactivated, and at 30 minutes 99.4% of the COVID-19 was inactivated.

This patented technology can be installed in any building to create a clean, safe environment affordably; giving you and your occupants peace of mind.

The GPS Bipolar Ionization helps ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your indoor air clean:


The ionization technology clumps particles together so a lower efficiency filter can capture them from the air.


Independent testing by CDC affiliate labs confirms kill rates as high as 99.9% of various pathogens and mold spores keeping the air and new cooling coils clean and cleans up old coils.


Odors, volatile organic compounds, and the like are oxidized to gases already prevalent in the air, such as oxygen, nitrogen, water vapor, or carbon dioxide, thereby eliminating odors.


By cleaning indoor air and recirculating it, less outside air is required.

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